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An stop by Germany

Hugo with an Android
In March we were in Germany and made a stop in the city of Hannover to attend the mega event of Information Technology, CeBIT , presenting the talk "Leveraging E-commerce with Enterprise Social Networking".

This time, we were reflecting on the evolution of Social Software and how it combines with the E-Commerce to win engagement and shopping experience of users, but mainly speaking about the new trend of shared purchases that lead WE-Commerce. These business concepts are predominant in Europe and it is expanding at a rapid pace. It was amazing to see the huge number of entrepreneurs who are focusing on technologies "Mobile + Social" facing the promise of boom in the coming years. Read more...

Conclusions of our London Meetup

Last December 5th we presented “Business Opportunities in Latam for UK” in the TechHub London Business Meetup together with BlueVia. Read more...

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Community development and Tailor-made Social Networks

We specialize in developing Social Networks in Elgg, an Open Source Platform for which we have developed different kind front-end plugins. We have also been working on a suite of plugins to empower the core of Elgg for our products and for the entire Elgg community.

Flexible and powerful e-Commerce stores

We have been working on e-Commerce stores based on Magento platform for international businesses. We also developed a set of plugins for cart optimization, pay methods for specific countries, and so on.

Business Outcomes

We deliver industry-specific business outcomes by technology innovation and integrated services.

Interested in working with us? We are always looking for talented and passionate software developers.